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Cotton Muslin vs Paper Backdrops

Posted by Ross Henry on

Intro to fabric

Here are a few insights which will help you choose the right one.


Muslin fabric is made from 100% natural cotton, and is quite soft and easily dyed for any application. It’s typically pretty lightweight. It’s 100% all-natural cotton.


Seamless paper rolls are versatile for most any shooting space, offer almost 50 colors to choose from and are among the most cost-effective studio backdrop options available.

Here are some difference between Muslin & Paper

Cotton Muslins Paper Backdrops
  • More economical when compared to paper backdrops.
  • Lot more convenient to be taken around to various places.
  • Trouble-free to store. There will be wrinkles once you unravel it but it can always be steamed to get a clean and perfect backdrop.
  • Storing is simple. To avoid dust and wrinkles you can put them up in a case, so that you can utilise them for your next shoot.
  • Reusable and machine- washable as they are purely made of cotton.
  • Available in a basic range of solid colours unlike paper backdrops come in a wide range of spectrum colours.
  • Perfect for schools, fashion and product photographs .
  • Most suitable for studio photography but they are not portable-friendly.
  • In terms of storage ,Paper backdrops are recommended to be placed upright to protect the edges from getting wrinkled or damaged. Secure a clamp to the top of both ends of a paper roll to keep it in place and secure.
  • Recyclable. Instead of trashing them they can be recycled.
  • It can crinkle and tear if your subject steps foot onto it or when rolled out on uneven flooring. Gaffer tape can be used around the edges to keep the paper smooth on the floor.
  • Colored background paper is a fun canvas for trying out different lighting scenarios.
  • Ideal for fashion and portrait shoots. They are also widely used in schools for project works.
  • Spring clamp can be used for paper backdrops to prevent it from unwinding for several extra feet, also to maintain the cotton muslin straight and wrinkle-free.

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